How Healthy and Unhealthy can Jealousy be in a Relationship?

Let me make it clear that I am not a relationship expert, just like my brother @"Amazing Arinzona" it is not and has never been my thing. That does not mean I am a spotless angel 😇.

Straight to the topic -
How can Jealousy be healthy and in what ways can be it be unhealthy in relationship?
This may be sounds like a good JAMB question but it is obtainable in our society today.

Please be free to openly participate without any limitations.
In my view i cannot jealous a partner no matter the provocation.Partners who truly love each other should eschew situations or conditions that encourage envy
To be jealous is normal and healthy in a relationship, but to be over jealous destroys and is unhealthy for a relationship
I am wondering, can lack of trust be translated to jealousy?
Lack of trust cannot be translated to jealousy, but it can lead to jealousy
(30-08-2017, 11:31 AM)Favour Wrote: Lack of trust cannot be translated to jealousy, but it can lead to jealousy
Why won't it be translated to jealousy?
The only way you can't be jealous of whom you don't trust is if you don't give a damn about them.
jealous is healthy but being over zealous my friend u better go find wetin dey worry u
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