What offense do you tag 'Unforgivable' in Relationship?

(24-08-2017, 05:08 PM)InspirBrains Wrote: There's no such word in my dictionary as unforgivable!
You sounds like are a great guy!
Tnk u so much.
(23-08-2017, 09:22 AM)Ojukwu Wrote: I will be following this thread closely as Yorubamandey follows innocent teenagers.
Where are the intelligent members of this forum?
@Charytea @Favour @PeaceAmbassador @Deco @InspirBrains @Yorubamandey @Omaa @"Amazing Arinzona" @"Bae Nick Nick D" @francischuxx

My own,if you lie to me...you'll find out about my Scorpio side,I can be very brutal most especially if I later found out the truth by myself.

No matter how bad it may be,don't every lie to me,whatever the reason may be...just don't try it!
There is no offence that is unforgivable if love is existing in the relationship.
being stupid and foolish
Abeg where @Yorubamandey na abi e don chage hin name? Cc @Ojukwu
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