Save Biafrans : Pictures of Protests against the Killing of Biafrans in London. 1968.

Below is the picture of concern people who resides in England protesting against the effort of Great Britain to the massacre of Biafrans during the 1967-1970 genocide.
God will bless them for this good deed. There generation are blessed
Those who love ❤ free shall never be insane
with god un our side it will work out
(20-07-2017, 06:39 PM)Moses godspower apeh Wrote: with god un our side it will work out
Yes my brother, it will work thus time.
That we are sure of.
Please your name (Apeh) sounds Igala. Are you by any chance an Igala man?

Welcome to GoBiafra forum!
Ìn rivers state the housa fulani kiled one man in eberu
(22-07-2017, 02:23 PM)Ike Wrote: Ìn rivers state the housa fulani kiled one man in eberu
Welcome to GoBiafra forum, please when did this happen?
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