84years ago (4-11-1933) a Hero who Loved
his people was born, Happy birthday to you,
Dim Chukwuemeka Chukwudimegwu
Ojukwu, Dike Di oranma Ndigbo, Ikemba
Nnewi, Agu-biafra, Eze-igbo gburugburu!
Emeka your dream will not die, we should
continue to fight for our freedom
Our people have always stood against
slavery. It is an abomination for a full-
blooded Biafrans to accept, while there is
still breath in him, to live as a slave. This is
one reason why we are fighting
we are fighting that we shall not be slaves,
so that our children will not be slaves.
With tears and sorrowful in our eyes we
Biafrans promise you that your Dream will
not die and won't be in Vain
we must not relent in our struggle to got
freed from the enslavement which the
feudal slave masters British-the neo
colonialism they imposed on us-using
Hausa-fulani government to enslave us!.
SIR CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU OJUKWU. im gonna wish u Happy birthday bcos of ur greatnes. its true u r nt alive, bt u r still alive with us here in biafra land bcos we cn feel ur presence in our midst. im gonna promise u sometin, "we biafrans can never fail or betray u until we get our mission acomplished" 2ru CHUKWU OKIKE I PRAYED. ISEEE!!!
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