Keita accused of using forged driving licences

Liverpool-bound midfielder Naby Keita
could face a six-figure fine after allegedly
twice using forged licences to try to obtain
a German driving permit, a report claimed
on Saturday.
The RB Leipzig defensive midfielder and
Guinea international, who is joining
Liverpool for 2018/19, is accused of two
counts of forgery which carries a minimum
penalty of 100,000 euros ($115,195),
according to Bild.
The daily newspaper claims Keita, 22, is also
under investigation for driving in Germany
without a valid licence.
German prosecutors accuse Keita of using
forged Guinean licences at the licensing
centre in Leipzig in December 2016, then
again six weeks later in January, in order to
get a permit.
The drivers licences from the West African
nation were apparently so badly forged that
employees in Leipzig became suspicious
and handed them to police.
“Both documents were identified as
complete forgeries,” a court official told
“It’s a six-figure penalty,” confirmed the
official when asked how much a potential
fine would be.
By comparison, Germany winger Marco
Reus was fined 540,000 euros in December
2014 when it emerged he had driven for
years without a valid licence.
Leipzig, who started this weekend third in
Germany’s top flight, say they are aware of
Keita’s legal problems.
“We know abaout this. After detailed
discussions we’re not assuming this is a
forgery matter,” said Leipzig’s press officer
Florian Scholz.
“Naby’s lawyer is involved and is waiting for
access to the records.”
Before Saturday’s German league match
against fourth-placed Hanover 96, Leipzig
coach Ralph Hasenhuettl was tight-lipped.
“I only heard about this yesterday and I
have not discussed the issue with Keita,”
said the Leipzig boss.
Keita has also landed himself in hot water
on the pitch in recent weeks after being
sent off three times in seven games for
both club and country.
na now u know before nko
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