Nigeria Has Military Decree not Constitution.

Did you know that NGR has no constitution? The 1999 so-called constitution is a military decree not a constitution. If NGR constitution was ratified by the representatives from each regional block, as it should be, do you think the representatives from the Western region would allow their import duties, corporate tax, alcohol sales tax, capital gain tax, VAT and other regional generated revenues to be siphoned to Abuja to fund Sharia states in the North? Do you really think the representatives from the South South region would agree to the parasitic 13% derivation formula while their environment is left in ruins? Do you really think the representatives from the South would agree to the parasitic revenue allocation scheme that mortgages the resources of the South to fund the North?
No, NGR has no constitution; the 1999 decree was not ratified by the elected representatives from each regional block in NGR.

By Ifa Dare
Lawless and constitutionless nation.
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