Decline in Biafra Agitation and the Attitude of the One Nigeria Zombies.

The more we stop talking about biafra the more Nigerians start mocking at us
Is not lie or do i lie?
Mocking us? How?
The only fact I know is that Biafra scares the hell out of those One Nigeria zombies.
That I know!
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I understand you bro but I will not stop talking about Biafra.Nigeria is a jungle.
Biafra is an ideology not even Gowon's 1970's so-called
3R's - creation and balkanization of eastern states -
imposing govt recognized traditional rulers were they
are not needed - forcefully creating grazing reserves -
and militarization of the east for years can kill the
Biafra would have become a country by now if not of that akwaibomite who sold out do u remember him?
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