Great Biafrans, remain resolute.

Great Biafrans, remain resolute.
Don't be deterred during this our hard time,
our formidability still remains the worst
nightmare of our enemies.
I have sacrificed my comfort because of
Biafra, i have sacrificed my father because of
Biafra, i havnt set my eye on my new born
Chukwubuikem because of Biafra, i have
sacrificed my entire family because i want
Biafra and i am getting ready to sacrifice
myself if need be it to make sure Biafra is
restored in our own time, i no more have a
place to call my house both home and
abroad because of Biafra, In my house they
murdered hundreds of us, they kill us
without having a remorse, because we want
Biafra they have swear to wipe us out of the
face of the earth, our brothers (eastern
politicians) have turn against us because we
want Biafra.
Are we to retreat? Never! We have gone too
far to retreat, surrendering is not in our
dictionary, we are not prevaricating neither
are we succumbing to their cheap threats,
when we tell them Biafra is our Religion
they think we are joking, you may say Biafra
or nothing i say BIAFRA OR DEATH!
If the option they give to us is seeking Biafra
by force then every living thing in this
contraption called Nigeria will be destroyed
completely and totally, Somalia will be a
paradise to compare with what Nigeria will
look like when we are done, have i ever lied
to you? If i can't destroy Nigeria within two
weeks why should i boast of it? I took an
oath before Chukwuokikeabiama to always
speak TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.
Nigeria can't push us to match when the
time for us to match is not yet due, when its
time for us to match we MATCH and when
we MATCH the zoo will fall like the walls of
IPOB havnt fell in the past, we will not
disappoint our people in the future, we
stand on our words, be rest assured that at
the end
Nnamdi Kanu
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