I should moan about Pogba more, says Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho
believes he deserves credit for not
complaining more about Paul Pogba’s injury
problems and those affecting the rest of his
France midfielder Pogba has been absent
for almost two months because of a
hamstring injury sustained during a 3-0
Champions League victory over Basel on
September 12.
Five other players — Marouane Fellaini,
Michael Carrick, Marcos Rojo, Zlatan
Ibrahimovic and Jesse Lingard — are
currently sidelined and Mourinho says their
absences should be taken into account.
“You know, I think it’s my fault because I
should cry every week about our injuries
and remind everybody, day after day or
press conference after press conference,”
he said.
“It’s my way of dealing with problems. It’s
my way of trying to motivate and respect
and give confidence to the players that are
going to replace those people.
“But maybe I have to reconsider my profile.
I know that I moan with a lot of things, but
I don’t do with the injuries and probably I
“I think any other manager would be
speaking about Pogba every day. ‘Oh, I
don’t have Pogba. Oh, when will I have
“‘Oh, 10 matches without Pogba. Oh, all the
Champions League group phase without
Pogba. Oh, all the big matches — against
Liverpool, against Chelsea, against Spurs —
without Pogba. Oh.’
“I don’t speak about Pogba one single time.
It’s only when you ask me about his
“And it’s not just Pogba. It’s Pogba, it’s
Fellaini, it’s Carrick, it’s Ibra, it’s Marcos Rojo.
It’s a big group of players. So yes, I think we
are doing very, very well.”
Mourinho has repeatedly refused to predict
when Pogba might be fit again.
The former Juventus midfielder returned to
United’s Carrington training headquarters
just over a week ago after spending time
rehabilitating in Miami.
– ‘Just a normal guy’ –
United are five points below Premier
League leaders Manchester City ahead of
their trip to champions Chelsea on Sunday.
Mourinho’s preparations for the match
against his former club were disrupted by
the fact he had to travel to Madrid on Friday
to settle a tax case with the Spanish
United’s trips to Stamford Bridge have
become fraught affairs since Mourinho
joined United in May 2016, but he says he is
still popular with Chelsea’s supporters.
The United manager is one of the most
significant figures in Chelsea history, having
ended the west London club’s 50-year wait
for a league title in 2005 at the end of his
first season as their manager.
He won the Premier League again with
them the following season before leaving in
2007 and then, after returning in 2013,
secured the title for a third time two years
However, his two visits with United last
season attracted controversy.
He had a touchline confrontation with
Chelsea manager Antonio Conte after a 4-0
league defeat last October and United’s 1-0
loss to Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter-finals
in March was a bad-tempered affair.
Mourinho regularly bumps into Chelsea
supporters as he still has his family home in
Knightsbridge, a couple of miles from their
ground, and says he is still warmly
welcomed by them.
“I walk down the street and outside the
football heat, outside the football
environment, I see so many Chelsea fans,
especially in the area where I live,”
Mourinho said.
“I see so many Chelsea supporters and I
didn’t have one single one that wasn’t nice.
“What happened in the football stadium
was a different thing. When I walk in the
street in London, I am just a normal guy.
“When I go to Stamford Bridge and sit in
that dugout, on the right side of the tunnel,
I am the manager of their opponents, so I
accept every possible reaction with the
utmost respect.”
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