Making GoBiafra more attractive

thank's to ojukwu for creating this forum but a lot needs to be done in the process of getting GoBiafra more attractive and organized, you can't be everywhere you people subjection to improve in life both in business and whatever you find yourself, back to my observation and the growth of this forum this are my findings and I think it needs to be addressed.

1. most of the post that are made here have no source for effective information the need to have source when you don't have source to refer for Propare certainty of the accuracy of the your mean source it looks childish and Amature the information it's not completely done.

2. most of the post that are been posted here have no pictures to back it up, the twenty first century blog data state that people have this closeness with images then text that why you can write stuff that makes sense yet you only see few comment in it but the reverse it's the case with images.

3.ON finished article in write ups most of the worst ups are not modified or finished with it makes ready feel like a waste of time.

that's it for know we need to grow this thread it's our own please don't take it personal just want more improvement.
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