the northeners keep on conmenting on our biafran pages

they keep on conmenting on our biafran
pages, i mean the northerners mostly.
some of them said we are calling for war,
some call us all sorts of names. but i dont
know what they stand to gain. who even
told them that we are planing for war as
they say. i know that their coments in our
pages must be annoying but i want to use
this opportunity to beg you all not to reply
their nonses no matter what.
They are so afraid of Biafra that they can do anything to make sure Biafra is not achieved, I mean anything! They are clearly afraid of being alone, without the quota system and oil money. Without the hardworking Igbos in their country. They are bunch of incompetent and lazy bones. Shameless parasites.

They do comment here sometimes and throw insult on Biafra from time to time but I do silence them.
You need to to see the number of them that are serving various ban terms in the the administration panel.
Shameless lots!
I hate them (northerners)
foolish. Total foolish. Let de isrealites go and serve and offer sacrifices to there creator chukwu okike
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