Abuja airport N61.2b terminal opens February 2018

• Work to begin on second runway
All things being equal, the Nnamdi Azikiwe
International Airport’s (NAIA) new terminal
in Abuja will open for operations February
next year.
The terminal, built at the estimated cost of
N61.2 billion ($200 million) is a partnership
between the Nigerian government and the
China Civil Engineering Construction
Corporation (CCECC).
The new terminal, according to state
officials, is to offer befitting service to
airport users that are visiting the Federal
Capital and accommodate new traffic on
account of the second runway already
penciled for 2018.
The National Assembly joint committee on
aviation, on an oversight function Tuesday,
was impressed with the level of work at the
facility, concluding that it is 80 per cent
While the construction company, CCECC, said
the terminal will be ready February barring
shortage in power and water supply, the
committee urged the handlers to ensure all
necessary equipment are in place before
the facility officially open for use.
It will be recalled that the new terminal is
one of the four terminals for construction
in the N153 billion ($500 million) loan deal
between the Federal Government and CCECC
in July 2014. However, delay in the payment
of counterpart funding by Nigeria has
stalled progress of the work with delay in
completion date.
Chairman, Senate Committee on Aviation
and leader of the team, Adamu Aliero, said
the joint committee is working with the
Ministry of Aviation on ways to secure
funds to ensure the terminal is delivered
with all equipment in place.
On the CCECC Project Manager’s concern
over power and water supply shortage,
Aliero assured that the ministry of aviation
is already aware of the challenge and
working to resolve it.
“And once they bring it to the notice of the
legislature, we will do the needful and give
necessary support because we need this
terminal to be put to use immediately after
“There is no point having a terminal
without water and electricity. The existing
power and water supply is not adequate to
accommodate the terminal without an
“The terminal would be completed and
commissioned before the end of next year.
It is already 80 per cent ready. What is left
to be done is just the finishing and the
equipment are already on ground. The
project manager said the control tower and
fire station need to be relocated. If the fire
station and control tower are relocated,
maybe we would commission the facility
earlier than the end of next year,” Aliero
The chairman added that there is no going
back on the construction of a second
runway for the Abuja Airport “because of
the increasing passenger traffic and
capacity for the airport.”
He said the Abuja aerodrome is the only
major airport in Nigeria without a second
runway, adding that the National Assembly
had already made provision for the runway
in the 2018 Appropriation Bill.
He said all that is left is for the ministry of
aviation to make arrangement for the
procurement and award for the contract.
“Lagos, Kaduna, Kano and Port Harcourt all
have second runway. Abuja being the
federal capital territory deserves a second
runway with the attendant passenger
inflow and number of flights coming into
the airport.
“We do not need a situation where we have
to wait or divert to Kaduna International
Airport again with the horrendous
experience before building a second
“This is why the National Assembly has
approved the construction of second
runway for Abuja and luckily the ministry is
working to ensure that the procurement
and award of contract is done before the
end of this year and if it is awarded there
would be enough funding for next year.”
Earlier, Project Manager, Kelvin Lee, said
unless there is an upgrade of existing
power and water supply, the completion
date will be delayed.
Lee said it would be of no value to complete
a terminal of such magnitude without
adequate power and water supply.
He urged government to facilitate funding
to accelerate the provision of support
equipment that would enable the company
deliver the terminal before the end of next
Lee said the company was working within
its scope to complete the terminal, but will
require government to relocate the control
tower and fire station that currently pose
an obstacle to some sections of the new
Part of the sections of Abuja Airport visited
by the committee include Wing D , section
of the terminal, the resurfaced runway, the
new Chinese International terminal, the
flight decoding laboratory of the Accident
Investigation Bureau (AIB) and proposed
headquarters of the Nigerian Civil Aviation
Authority ( NCAA).
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