N88 billion Naira saga Come to think of this biafrans.

* Is N88 billion enough to pay for the lives
of more than 3.5 million biafrans wasted by
Britain with their willing tools Nigeria. under
Yakubu Gowon. Who will be given this
money? Certainly not the victims. Very soon
your governors will emerge to collect this
monies for theirselves. Be rest assured every
Biafran Amaigbo(Imo), Omombara(Anambr
a), Enugu, Ebonyi, Abia, Riivers, Cross River,
Akwa ibom, Bayelsa, lower Benue and the
Igala people of Kogi, we are estimated to be
70 million (we are more than this). Now
remember by the virtue of being an
indigene of the afore mentioned places you
reserve the full right to partake in the
receipt of this money. Alas you forgot we
are talking of Naira not pounds or dollars.
Check well 88 billion shared amongst 70
million biafrans is about N1257.14 and a
Pound is bought at N497 to N510, pause
and think. This money is not upto 20
pounds given to our ancestors perhaps they
are laughing at us in their graves. In this age
and time N1257 cannot feed a person in a
day hah our fathers are laughing again.
Very soon they will create names of ghost
Biafrans that received this money while you
protest and get killed by your Governors.
Shame on my poor soul if I ever collect this
Remember 37 billion is for infrastracture
and the rest for the victims. This is a legal
means of getting loan from world bank or
the Islamic banks and when they cannot
payback The Islamic Banks will claim these
structures built with their money, you
thought well Islamisation Agenda.
Boycott their Islamic money and restore our
Ibekwe Arinze Benjamin
All hail Biafra
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