By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press
As Biafrans are eagerly waiting for the final
command from IPOB leadership on the
referendum by announcing the date for
Biafra referendum after November 18th
Election boycott in Anambra State wherein
the people of Biafra will show the world that
they want nothing but Biafra restoration,
Nigerian government has obviously
conspired with ECOWAS court to divert the
attention of the people of Biafra worldwide
from the topic of Biafra referendum through
the instrumentality of compensation ruse of
88 Billion Naira for the genocidal war
damages in Biafra Land during and after the
genocidal war which was ruled by the
ECOWAS court on 30/10/2017. The news of
the compensation ruse of 88 Billion Naira
given by ECOWAS court is presently making
waves in Nigerian media with the target to
distract Biafra populace out of the struggle
to restore Biafra sovereignty but all are
going to be efforts in futility as said by a
cross section of Biafra people interviewed
by Family Writers Press team of
Immediately after the news hit the air,
Family Writers Press journalists all over the
world sought after the opinions of Biafrans
nearest to them individually over the
ECOWAS court ruling and the responses of
Biafrans were all "GIVE US BIAFRA AND TAKE
BUT BIAFRA". Virtually all the Biafrans
interviewed by Family Writers Press team of
correspondents expressed disappointment
on ECOWAS court for the conspiracy with
Nigerian government to use the
compensation ruse of 88 Billion Naira to
divert the attention of Biafra people
whereas it is obvious that Nigerian
government can never obey any court
verdict given by ECOWAS court. But whether
the desperately unity begging and pseudo
peace searching Nigerian government will
obey ECOWAS court on this very verdict or
not, it is no longer the issue but what
matters is Biafra people want Biafra
restoration. As ECOWAS court has connived
with Nigerian government and publicized
the cheap ruse of Nigeria government
paying a compensation of 88 Billion Naira
for the damages of the genocidal war in
Biafra Land, Biafrans wish to make the
world to know that what the people of
Biafra want is not any financial
compensation from Nigerian government
but outright restoration of Biafra.
It is important to make Nigeria government
and its mischievous allies which
manufactured the compensation ruse in
ECOWAS court and made public through the
media to know that Nigerian government
cannot be able to compensate Biafrans for
the evils which Nigerian government and
her Northern Nigerian Hausa/Fulani
genocidists have committed against the
people of Biafra since 1945 Jos riot; to 1966
pogrom against Biafra civilians in all over
Northern Nigeria; to 1967 - 70 genocidal
war levied against Biafra people; to today
when Nigerian government has captured
and silenced Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader
of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). How
can Nigerian government in connivance
with ECOWAS court be talking about
compensation at the moment when
Nigerian murderous army and other security
agencies are still secretly kidnapping and
killing IPOB members without any remorse
in the cities of Biafra Land such as Aba,
Onitsha, Umuahia, Port Harcourt and many
other places?
Biafrans are saying that the only
compensation which Nigerian government
can give the people of Biafra worldwide is
allowing them exit Nigeria peacefully
through referendum or outrightly carving
out of Biafra territories out of Nigeria. That
was why Biafrans all over the world said
verbatim that Nigerian government can
keep its 88 Billion Naira proposed
compensation to herself but only allow the
people of Biafra have their referendum
conducted to exit Nigeria in peace. Biafrans
have said verbatim that even trillions of
British pounds can never change the
position of Biafra people worldwide which
the position is their vehement resolve and
demand for the restoration of Biafra even
under the rain of bullets from Nigerian
security agencies. If Nigeria government fail
to organize referendum for Biafra, Nigerian
government and her citizens will never rest
from the voracious agitation going on
because the people of Biafra have
unanimously rejected Nigeria and
everything in it including her proposed 88
Billion Naira compensation as ruled by
ECOWAS court.
In conclusion, Nigerian government should
stop running from pillar to post seeking for
solution where it does not exist anymore
but just organize Biafra referendum so that
peace will reign once again in the world. As
for Biafra populace, it is still Biafra or Death!
A word is enough for the wise.
They want to bribe us with their so called N88bn which is just a chicken change to Biafrans.
Give us Biafra not money.
(31-10-2017, 09:07 AM)Hilior Wrote: They want to bribe us with their so called N88bn which is just a chicken change to Biafrans.
Give us Biafra not money.

so dat we will be with dem so called zoo...... Monkeys and bamboos
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