2 dead amid anti-government protests in eastern DRC

Beni - A Democratic Republic of Congo
police spokesperson says at least two
people, a police officer and citizen, have
been killed in clashes between police and
protesters in eastern DRC.
Col. Pierrot Mwanamputu said the two died
early on Monday amid demonstrations in
Goma to protest President Joseph Kabila's
continued rule and the delay of elections.
The protesters are demanding that Kabila
step down at the end of the year if new
elections are not held.
North Kivu commissioner Gen. Nyembo
Placide said investigations are underway to
determine who organised the march.
DRC has seen widespread anger over
Kabila's extended stay in power after his
mandate ended in December and elections
were delayed.
The US has warned that DRC will not have
the support of the international community
if elections are not held in 2018.
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