Okorocha: Irresponsibility As A Statecraft

One of the most incompetent public office holders in Nigeria and arguably the most foolish politician of any era.

He set up campuses in three different geographical places outside of his ethnic constituency and then left only 2 for his own people.

He starts a scholarship meant to help 275 people who are not from his state acquire an academic certificate, while there are thousands of impoverished youths from his own state who are at home because their parents cannot afford the tuition for their education.

He throws a lavish birthday party for himself in the midst of the brutal killings and extra judicial murders of his own people by a bloodthirsty group that passes for the Nigerian army.

For incompetent buffoons like Rochas Okorocha, charity no longer begins at home. This is why, in his inordinate and futile pursuit of recognition and acceptance from people of other regions outside of his original constituency, he has abandoned governance in his home state of Imo.

Are you sure this man has all his nuts complete? His singular ambition to become the first Igbo president by appeasing people from other ethnic stock especially the Hausa-Fulani in the vain hope that they will give him the presidency has turned him into a mad person who takes actions and policies detrimental to his own people.

Please, what sin did the Igbos commit that God decided to send this devil in human skin to punish them?

Rochas please show us just one Yoruba, Hausa, or Niger Delta person or businessman who ever established any philanthropic project at all in any of the states of the south east since 1960 when Nigeria gained so called independence.

Your pathetic attempt at showing other tribes that you're more 'Nigerian' than your own Igbo people has turned you into most foolish politician in the south east, and arguably in all of Nigeria.

Continue acting the political clown while the people you're trying to impress are laughing behind your back.

They are hailing you, complimenting, and patting you on the back over the philanthropic projects you established in their own land. And you're probably feeling happy thinking your actions are getting you closer to becoming president.

Then one day, you declare your ambition to be president and launch your campaign hoping to get the support of the people who have been praising you on your philanthropy in their region.

That is when they'll remember you're Igbo. And then all of a sudden, those so called philanthropic projects you established won't mean a thing to them.

Eventually you know how your presidential aspiration will end. Badly for you.

They will never make you president no matter how hard you try to show them that you're "better" than the rest of your Igbo people.

You're a dog trying to prove to it's loyalty to it's master.That is what you are, that is exactly they way they see you. And that is what you will ever be to them.
Okoroawusa the plateau mallam
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