Picture of Politician a Sharing Money to Masses in Anambra Campaign.

We need help, our people seriously need help.
Whomever did this to us will receive the negative rewards in hundreds fold!
As we are speaking and fighting for our better tomorrow, some of our people are receiving pennies to sale their birthright.
Our in people Anambra State receiving tiny stipend to sell their birthright to greedy Politicians. Below is the picture of our people receiving money for Politician...
hmm....why do people bring themselves so low
(22-10-2017, 01:24 PM)emeks Wrote: hmm....why do people bring themselves so low
So shameful bro, so shameful.
Our people have a very long way to go!
And yet the same people will cry no good roads and infrastructure
Look at'em...
There is no difference between them and the people of Oron.
Always selling their rights and future.
Hw much is it sef
At my side here,politicians gives out money,foodstuffs even gas clyinder durin when election is closer to be voted for,.i think dis happen everywhere in Nigeria.,
#Corruption-Our Blood
Yea thats how Potitics is... But if at all they will accept the money then on the #Election day they will stay indoors and avoid voting for anybody.
nawa ooo, person go think say na better money e dey share see as d man sef resemble @Ojukwu
I was there...
Is just 5OO 9ira
For each person
@Omaa, which one do you think is me?
The bald headed one, right? You don come again! Sad
See as him dey pinch the money dey give them:>
Lolz, thank God say na u talk am o! @ojukwu
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