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I went to a restaurant to eat with just N300, so I ordered food for N200 & meat N100. As I sat down to eat,
a man sitting beside me and putting on a nice shirt said " I love the way you eat, add more food, I will pay".
 I hastily added food for N500 and continued eating.
He said again " you eat so well, go and add 2bottles of soft drinks so that you can drink after eating".
 I hastily made the order. After drinking 1bottle, as I was trying to open the 2nd bottle, the opener fell down, and I bent to pick it,
I discovered that the man was bare footed! !!!., i then noticed  he was a mad man.
He laughed at me and said
*" the way dem go take beat you for here today ehh, na only God go fit save you
very funny
Big Grin Big Grin ehehehe eh Big Grin Big Grin e

I pity you bro.
very funny
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