Family Refuses Inter-Tribal Marriage, Advice Please!

Your advice please, someone needs your help. a friend of mine from the east wants to get married to a yoruba guy, both families are against it cuz they both want their children to marry from their tribe, my friend tells me they want to run away and get married in you support this? what advice would you give them please...
This will be an interesting discussion. Unbiased contribution will be needed in this thread. Hope to learn a lot here.

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both of them should nt try it,they will see real hell on earth. I tell u.
Me I will not marry from my place.
Life is all about choice.
They want to try it - then we are faced with the north
Korea and south Korea families debacle
Everybody has the right to marry whoever he/she loves.inter-marriage is legal and good..i see nothing bad in that.
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