he is not for you


He don't look at you the same. Try looking deep into h is eyes you will see how he truly feels about you.

He looks at you cry without consoling you. (He's now heartless with no sympathy towards you.

Everything is your fault. Every argument is turned against you. You are the cause of everything.

You feel lonely when you are with him. He's there but you are more lonely then when you was even single

Your nak--end-e-ss don't even move him anymore. He's no longer attracted to you.

sex becomes blah and boring.

His kissing feels different.

He's now too busy for you. He don't call much he barely text he don't even take you on dates anymore.

He don't remember your anniversary neither your birthday. You are no longer important to him.

He's easily irritable around you. Every little thing piss him off about you.

You now have a billion bad ways he start looking for every fault. Faults you never even knew existed is now invented by him.

He don't share his deepest feelings with you anymore. He becomes a total Stranger.

He no longer shows concern. If you like you can stay out till 2am (none of his business)

Your heart and instinct is now telling you that this man is no longer in love with you but like the love sick fool that you are you are still in denial.

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