On this episode, I will attempt to explain collapse of the wave function by consciousness at the quantum level, and how to amplify the exisiting powers of your mind to communicate impulsively and reflectively over long distances with loved ones, both past, present and future partners, how to receive information from anyone without actually opening your mouth and how to communicate with the Universe.

This knowledge has been kept secret by those who know it and have refused to share with the world, the more secrets you can keep, the more powerful you become, after all, the key primary ingredient to success is knowing what others dont. Or simply put, keeping secrets from the populace and using that information to be ahead of them all. You can even take it a step further like the governments are doing. Teach them the lies, as established facts, and they would have lost their ways too deep into the lies that it becomes impossible to de-programme and re-learn the truth. Tie them up with bills so they can work all their lives to pay bills, before attempting re-awaken to reality, it is too late.

I will offer evidences that you can receive information as data from friends and associates and acquaintances without having them tell you. Quantum Physics has answers as to why it happens, but I will take it further to explain how you can naturally amplify this ability to achieve your desires.

Its gonna be on a Sunday.
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