don't even know how to start narrating this, cuz I am still in shock by the revelation I got from my babe last week....I have known this gurl for two years plus now, and I would love to settle down with her to be candid. Buh she opened up to me last week that she's been into lesbian sex since her secondary school days(all girls school). And according to her she's met the high and mighty in that line of life. And she said something about her NSB (whatever that means) residing in Abuja and another one in Ghana respectively and which she backed up with pictures... I really love this girl and would love to marry her, but she said she's stopped because she met me and fell in love with me and started being emotional with me which was ordinarily alien to her. The problem now is, she's promised me that she wouldn't do that again that she's started cutting off ties with them gradually....and another question is, do I trust her not to go back to sleeping with women when we are married cuz according her she enjoys doing it more with girls than guys?? And from what I learnt, that stuff is like a spirit....please I need advice from u guys...Help a brother out especially those that has had this experience before. Thank
I am only here to read!
Oya make una talk...
Am just passing naso i+say make I look inside see waytin dey inside so dey talk dem come.

am still thinking
i forgot my comment sorry'i will be right back
others be commenting i dey come"
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