Rape: An Evil that Must be Eradicated from our Society.


Yes, you have succeeded in doing it, you are happy, you told your friends in fact they are hailing you as the big boss, lion, striker and all sort of names and you are reacting like Neymar after signing for PSG

Now you don’t only forcefully rape her, you made her shed tears you made her hate herself, her dream is shattered, her education is in chaos, and she is affected both physically and psychologically

You are planning to have a hitch free future with your dreams accomplished, riding your range rover sport, sitting at the balcony of your mansion sipping wine with your children playing video games on their system and your wife attending ceremonies with the latest fashions of clothes

The girl you rape is there, she couldn’t continue her education, she no long feel comfortable with her peers, she is suffering from low self esteem, in fact walking in the public is like walking in the lion’s den, she walks limping now because of the scarce you put there while satisfying your lustful desires

You gained admission, you passed vehemently, you graduated with first class, even you are the overall best student, the eagles within the chicken, you are full of pride, you have achieved in fact you are having a wonderful life

She is pregnant again for the second child, different men are

depositing their semen in that hole you enlarged, as a result of her desire because she craves to have that sexual feelings anytime she is alone, she has joined the bad gangs, she smoke, party, and sleeps with different men to have ends meet, she couldn’t think upright anymore, her life is not tolerable she is alive but dead spiritually

Oh! You are now the managing the director of the multimillion company, you give order, sack and employ at your wish, your children are the talk of the town, you are blessed, a perfect family they say you have

But she is there at the street, aborting almost every month, hospital bed is her heaven, she derives joy in exchanging money for body, her children are drop outs, they can’t afford 3 square meals a day, she is not happy, she doesn’t have home even she doesn’t have her self

Believe me, what goes around comes around, you shall surely taste this, you cannot eat your cake and have it, your children or your grand children will face this, no I don’t curse you but this is the law of karma oh! you go scot free in this world but even if you don’t believe in hereafter the repercussion will come definitely you will pay for all t she shed. Repent!!!

Say no to both statutory and forceful rape
They need to catch those rapist
Death to all rapists whether male or female!!
Girlfriend / Boyfriend relationship is more lethal than rape nowadays
NO means NO !!!
please @Ojukwu what is statutory rape
Rape is not a good thing but sometimes it is good for those stubborn girl L's who were attractive dress
what actually is rape because whenever people say rape they point out to guys forcing girls
what about girls who force boys now tell why not broadcast that to the world to see .
must guys suffer but we associate rape to just girls so if a girl forces a guy and u say its not rape
then what is rape
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