love or financial stability

We all know how we feel when we are with that amazing person or thinking about them. While Financial stability is when you have money , it can be investment to cater for one's self and maybe other people. Let say you find your self in a situation of loving someone and another person though this other person is not that rich and you are to decide. What will you do?
First of all, welcome to the forum.

To your topic, you are a woman, right?
Now let's say you find yourself in the crossroads of such situation, what will you do?

Love is great!
Money is great.
* Your line might not be financially buoyant today but he can be tomorrow or never.
* You might not love the rich man today but you might properly fall in love with him tomorrow if you give your self and him a chance.

It's hard to predict and submit but my candid advice is to follow your heart but use your head.
If Buhari recession hit you - you go know say both go
hand in hand. Hard to separate both
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