Maltreatment of House helps (maids) in Nigeria and Africa.

"...Nigerians, especially women, do not like to have adult maids. Many are afraid that their husbands will sleep with them. They cannot control their husbands' libido so they would rather enslave a 7yr old child who, more often than not, ends up being sexually abused by the same men while the wives help to cover up the crime.
They also don't want a maid who can stand up against unfair treatment that is often dished against them.
This woman in Lagos asked for a maid. I sent her a well trained lady, 23.
She would never let the maid sit in the chairs. But the maid was mandated to stand in the living room for as long as the boss' kids were playing in the room. So she would stand for hours on end even as it affected her health. Any day she could not stand for hours, the woman would call me, threatening hell.

After two months, I told her to send back my staff. That was last year. Two weeks ago, same woman called again. She needed a maid. I dropped the call.
There is a very loud mouthed Yoruba politician. Lives in Abuja. I gave him and his wife 7 domestic staff. Dude would sniff drugs and try to molest my staff. His wicked wife, a young lady who should be compassionate, sent away one of the girls cos she was a Muslim and would not follow them to church.
In the dead of the night, he sent away a mature woman, a mother with 10 years working experience with expatriate firms, because.....drugs. All of you know this man.

One day, I got a call. All of my staff wanted to leave that house because of maltreatment. The man and his wife were mad that they had called me. They wanted them to endure the abuse silently.
The nanny I sent, a university graduate, would not be served breakfast until 9pm. Meanwhile, this was the girl he was most interested in sexually harassing. So he sacked the rest and kept that one girl. I asked that he release the girl.
It took my lawyer and a team of policemen to get my staff from that house in Asokoro.
A lot of women enable this maltreatment of domestic helps. Two male chefs I sent them were treated so badly, they resigned within a week.
But a 7yr-14 old kid would not not have the courage nor backing to stand up for their rights like that. You cannot use razor blade or fire to punish any adult. You will receive the fight of your life.

A 'big woman' in Abuja needed a maid. I got her one. Told her to pay the girl 25k monthly. She said "25k for common house girl?"
I said "No. 25k for the lady who takes care of your kids, your husband , and you. 25k for the lady who will never get enough sleep nor rest as long as she lives with you. 25k for the lady in whose hands lie the safety of your food and security "
Even though she later agreed to pay up, I declined to release the girl. Once you have the mentality that you are doing your domestic staff a favour, you don't deserve one.
When the White men took away our brothers as slaves, they also said they were doing us a favour..."
By Mike Ile
I don't understand why you should keep someone's child if you are not willing to treat them fairly...
Human beings can be soo wicked
Good day fellow biafa!! Hear this -the world is saying NO to slavery!!! Slavery of any kind-be it house help, boy,child force labour etc.etc.The sentence is LIFE INPRISONMENT. However, your client can apply for house help and pay per hour-i.e will not sleep in the house for respect of HUMAN RIGHT. Any factor differ fm the above reason-the house help is subjected to mistreatment. No slave in the US(american)- it African mentality because every child is born equal!! A man know his. Wife-carry pregnant for nine month and deliver and pro creation continue.!!!
They should stop all these small children hiring as maid
or they are ready to train them through school
education. The Nanny industry should be recognized
and regulalized. It's a pity we don't have social work
child protection service in this country
I can't keep a house help in my hous,and even if I do,no maltreatment I will treat her like my children and my sisters.
To the extent she will become a friend later in life.
My brothers do good to everybody.
@Ojomapkene, another different issue altogether at play here is that the maltreatment don't usually come from the men side, no it doesn't! Most times it comes from the wife and the worse of it is that the man will likely be at work or away when the whole incidents usually happen.
there are people who a special place on hell has been Reserved for
I rest my case
This life is so hard, this life is so wicked
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