Biafrans Should Learn from Catalonia - Egbujo U.

Catalonia is a lesson. A lesson for non efulefus to go and chew. Separatists used the political process. They knew desperation would be counter productive.
They took elected positions and became the effective representation of their people. That is democratic legitimacy. They pushed and got autonomy. They ran the local government relatively well. They demonstrated purpose. They took their time.

They went for broke with the referendum. They secured victory . That's consent legitimacy. But all through they didn't openly demonize internal dissent. The participation in the referendum was below majority.
Opponents of separation have marched through the streets of Barcelona. They were not branded enemies of their tribe.
Contrary to beliefs in some parts of Africa, the US and the EU have not jumped to support that near perfect self determination process.

The EU instructively would expel Catalonia once it proclaimed independence unilaterally.
The government of Spain has threatened a crack down. But Catalonia has remained meticulous and measured. It's not interested in daring Spain. It doesn't want to invite confusion and bitterness and the army.
Catalonia, though armed with democratic credits, has pulled back. It has not rushed into a declaration that would have precipitated immediate crisis. Catalonia is acutely conscious of the potential consequences of its actions. Even its seemingly rightful actions. It has blinked .
A little respite for everybody . So much to admire . So many lessons in political reality.

By Ugo Egbujo
Correct bro
But the the Catalonia example is not clear cut - the
coast is not clear yet. They are still going back to the
negotiation table with Spain - that's why they are yet to
announce an independence date after the referendum
Yes @Chinwike, despite their referendum they don't have the authority to announce their independence. It is Spain that should give them go ahead order.
Otherwise may be treated as declaration of State within the State and we all know it could lead to military action (war). Spain vs Catalonia? Catalonia have no chance!
I don't see why Catalonia's fate should be left for the Spanish government to decide since obviously the Spanish government has no plans of letting them leave.
Then the international politics will be in play, as of now it is currently seen as one - international incident.
They successfully conducted their referendum with her vast majority want out of Spain, this
makes it a good solid ground to stand by.
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