Restructure is just a Tool to kill Referendum.

Restructure is just a tool to kill Referendum. They have no intention or even one single idea of how or what the restructure is all about.

1. To Buhari, restructure is "restructuring your mind" - He has the backing of all Northern states. What mind are you restructuring? Your dirty mind of not being loyal to the North.

2. Restructuring to the Southwest is all about allowing Lagos to use all the monies coming to Lagos (VAT, Customs, Airport etc) to help other Southwest States rather than go to the federal govt.

3. Restructure to the Igbo States is all about self governance and freedom to initiate development projects at their own pace and also to control their resources. They don't mind paying tax to the federal government.

4. Restructure for the Niger Delta is resource control.
Tell me when on earth do you think these very different ideologies will come together and agree on the same thing? When?

The main goal of those shouting restructure is just to find a good excuse to kill the call for a referendum. Nothing else.
That is why from the beginning, I rejected that restructuring.
Restructure wetin? Biafra Referendum now!
Confused lots can go to where ever they want.
Biafra Rising!
i need biafra..please.
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