How to Install TSTV : The Signal and Tracking Frequency.

With the ever trending TSTV on the verge of entering the open market, many perspective buyers are looking to learn how to install the network equipment themselves so as to have access on both cable channels and the added Internet services.
The installation will be just like the normal way other satellite network services are installed. Hang the dish outside, with the network cord connected to the decoder and the decoder to the television.

Here is the TSTV satellite frequency -
Satellite position = ABS 3A @ 3°W
TP= 12529/V/36000,
Dish size = 60cm upward will currently 37 channels.
But I thought this device would be on sale before now, I never see am for market oo...
Am eager to see how it works.
Tsyv nah television decoder or network
Don't even understand the set-up process - too
Tstv decoder should be inside. The dish (the one like tray) should be set using the manual that comes in the box. Once connected with the wire to the decoder and the dish faces the right position.
Auto scanning should bring out all the available channels. Internet services should be working too.
Have you bought it @ojukwu
(13-10-2017, 07:34 PM)Frustratedrat Wrote: Have you bought it @ojukwu
No, not yet.
I'll buy it once it's on sale in the open market which according to them will be launched on November 1st.
How many channels would be available
(14-10-2017, 08:23 AM)Royalblack Wrote: How many channels would be available
At first, I believe 32. More and more will be added in due time.
Please note: My above submission is based on an unconfirmed rumour hence not remotely conclusive or reliable.
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