Purported Picture of the TSTV Decoder with the 3G and Wi-Fi Signal.

The picture of the already launched but yet to be on sale TSTV network had been released to the Social Media.
The picture was posted by the network marketers to show exactly what to expect.
Only the decoder picture was posted though. No remote control, no dish.
Below is the picture
What do you think of this decoder @francischuxx, @PeaceAmbassador, @Ojomapkene, @PeaceAmbassador, @Ada_Nduka, @Samboizz, @Chinwike, @omaa, @InspirBrains, @Tobest, @Emeka, @Nkemdirimhilary @Yorubamandey @demba @Deco
I love the sleek look - Hope it's durable enough and
provides quality contents. Looks like abroad when they
give you a fixed line with INTERNET-VOICE TELPHONE-
CABLE TV all-in-one
really lack words....
buh it's super beautiful
Exactly! That our brother is just a smart business man. I sincerely hope this works, should be a breakthrough in both Internet see services and Cable Network services.
A semi burial of South African greedy network - DSTV!
Nice look.
It's looking nice,and I believe it has nice content.
It's also different from other decoders'.
Great job
It looks stylish and appears beautiful but I'm thinking, doesn't it look fragile? Won't it melt when connected to channels and also serve as Wi-Fi Hotspot at the same time?
We all know that Wi-Fi generates a lot of heat to any device.
@Ojukwu they must have tested it.
And it might not be dat fragile as it appears.
I hope it isn't China made o
It's not about it being fragile, I am taking of a situation it is carrying 5 different WiFi devices, directly connected to it alongside the cable stations. How will it manage with with the heat generated by the Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Of course it's Chinese product. American or European products will easily cost 5 times the stipulated amount (N5k).
@Ojukwu I believe it should have an instruction manual,
For the purpose of letting the user know how many cables to be connected to it.
But some of these china stuffs eh.
But one get used to it after some times.
Wi-Fi connection is not cable, it's a wireless Internet connection that uses radio signal 📶 to work at certain distance.
(06-10-2017, 05:28 PM)Ojukwu Wrote: @Ojomapkene
Wi-Fi connection is not cable, it's a wireless Internet connection that uses radio signal 📶 to work at certain distance.

Yes I know,
Am still asking about the device's durability - because I
play with gadgets a lot - tumbling and throwing it around. I
hope it can withstand the shock
O boy this device make since die.

But it's not rugged.
How many years warranty does it have?
this one that looks like fridge
but it looks beautiful
I even thought that it is water heater.
Any way , it is unique of all and very portable.
M getting mine immediately the thing land Lagos o...at least the WiFi alone self na motivation. I just pray they last longer than Hitv
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