Wi-fi To Be Replaced By Li-fi Soon

The Chinese scientists have come closer to develop a faster wireless communication channel that would be accessible in the next six years. They have made progress in creating full-color emissive carbon dots (F-CDs).
LiFi or Light Fidelity transfer data at a rapid pace using visible light from LED bulbs. It is much faster than radio wave-based Wi-Fi. The latest research going on related to Li-Fi uses rare earth materials to provide light, but Chinese experts have come up with another option, F-CDs, a fluorescent carbon nanomaterial to provide light. This method is safer, reliable and faster.
Qu Songnan, an associate researcher at Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics, and Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences said, “Many researchers around the world are still working on this. We were the first to successfully create it using cost-effective raw materials such as urea with simple processing.”
Qu informed that as the rare earth has a longer lifespan it diminish the speed of Li-Fi transmission. F-CDs, on the other hand, provides faster transmission of data.
New nanomaterial introduced by Qu’s group of scientists can emit all light visible to the human eye. This is an innovative development in fluorescent carbon nanomaterial field. Qu further added that this breakthrough this essential in the development of Li-Fi which he anticipates will enter the market in next six years.
As per statistics, Li-Fi can reach a speed of 50 gigabytes per second. So in simplest terms, your movies can download in 0.3 seconds. I believe this would define the importance of this discovery to a common man.
SOURCE: https://brandspurng.com/wi-fi-to-berepla...i-fi-soon/
Great. I hope it can exceed the threshold of WiFi
I was following the development about three years ago. From the reviews I read from the Chinese Engineers it should be much faster than Wi-Fi but it needs led light and generates more heat than Wi-Fi. This means that the usage and maintenance will be more costly than Wi-Fi
Looking forward to the launch though.

PS: I must have missed something, the last time I was reading on the development some years back it sounded Lo-Fi. I misread, I guess.
It would be Light-Fi which makes the Li-Fi name more reasonable.
I doubt if it can replace WiFi.
Though it may work with the speed of light and get a 1.5 gb movie downloaded within 0.001sec, I don't believe it can replace WiFi.
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