laugh with hiro episode 9

father**oya hiro pray for us.
hiro**papa i don't know how to pray .
father** just pray for everything you know about in this family and about our neighbours.
hiro**mama tell papa i cannot pray .
mama** come on pray or there wont be food for u in this house
HIRO**daddy tell sister naaw
FATHER**my son pray before i slap you.
Hiro**heavenly father thank you for our neighbours who always come to eat our food in this house let them not finish our food cause hunger dey . lord any person that slap me again in school help me slap them back . lord forgive our driver who I always see naked wrestling with my sister in the bed help my sister to fight back before he makes her go round.
please provide clothes to all the the naked ladies in my dads phone and don't let them finish his money.
give my daddy the grace to buy us gifts like he does to aunty our housegirl and don't let her put her mouth on daddy own again after doing the the same to big bro.
please provide shelter to all the men who sleep in my mummy room whenever daddy travels.
forgive me wherever I have asked wrongly in Jesus name Amen...
if an u be the family you go say amen
Ahaah Big GrinBig Grin bro you kill the show,..,that shud me tagged #PrayerWentWell..,nobody is going to beat you joor
This boy... How old is he?
gobe be when your girlfriend posts real men are born in April bit you were born in October
even breaking up a relationship or loosing your virginity is not as painful as your neighbour having light and you dont
Wise kid,
No be by force since he is not ready,
In Mountain of fire .
Sinful house
Sodom and Gomorrah
Perfect pray,
Hiro, u opened up the problems ur family ar facing,
Hope ur request shall b granted😀😀
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