laugh with hiro episode six

An Essay About Corruption
bring back our corruption
with corruption a bag of rice was 9000 without it is 15000 can u imagine
a bag of pure water was 60naira now it 120naira god have mercy
with corruption fuel per litre was 97naira now it 150 Jesus is lord
with corruption dollar was 150 naira without corruption dollar an 380 God save us
with corruption smallest indomie was 40 naira now it is 70 naira
with corruption keke to my house was 50 naira now it 100 naira
there are more but let me stop here my bro and sisters help me tell buhari to stop fighting our corruption
bring back our corruption we need corruption. in this country
Titus sardine started with 4 fishes it reduced to 3 and now it is 2 in years to come you will open Titus sardine and see try again later.
please comment
dat titus and sardine go return my money ngwa ngwa
Yeso, let him bring back our corruption.
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