laugh with hiro episode 5

the teacher asked the class a question
teacher **how do you cross a road safely
amara ** you look left look right and look left again before crossing the road
but hiro did not agree
hiro**auntie na lie that is how to cross road in other countries but Niger get special way
deciding to humor him
hiro**how to cross road in nigeria you look left for cars you look right for bike you look up for plane you look down for bomb look back for kidnapper look side hold your bag,wallet,purse
tight and watch the person beside you then walk zigzag to avoid stray bullet
What of looking out for Boko Haram terrorists, trigger happy military and of course local vigilante thugs.
@Ojukwo u are funny oooo,
In Nigeria one has to be very careful in every thing do,
Including mama put food,
Soldiers,Fake prophet and fake politicians
Hahaha nice joke
Worst joke ever
I hate the joke die
mumu story
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