laugh with hiro episode 3

the teacher asked hiro to write down a presentation for October 1st that is independence day and asked him to say it in front of the whole school and he started

Welcome to Nigeria
*where sex is free and love is costly
*where losing your phone is more painful than losing your virginity
*where if you don't cheat on your partner you are not sharp and smart
*where toilets have become photo studio
*where getting an iPhone is better than a degree
* where temples have turned into dating points
*where lies are turned into realities
*where ladies fear pregnancy than HIV
*where pizza delivery is faster than emergency
*where people fear thieves and robbers than God
*where people go to church with chargers than bibles
*where the number of churches are more than worshippers
*where we say up NEPA more than we say praise the Lord
What A Country
o lord look down from heaven and have mercy on this nation let there be a great turn around
Nigeria at 57
True talk.
But churches can not be more than worshippers
(29-09-2017, 12:14 PM)Ojomapkene Wrote: True talk.
But churches can not be more than worshippers

how many church dey ur area
(29-09-2017, 01:39 PM)hiro Wrote: how many church dey ur area

About 5 churches
Me about 10
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