Buhari, A Leader With Grudges.

General Buhari dislike of the Igbos is not a hidden thing, you can physically see it in him anytime he is being confronted with issues that concerns Igbos.
I have never seen a leader who hold grudges against his own citizens except Saddam Hussein and Milosevic of Serbia, his body language along tells you how deep Buhari hates the Igbos.
No matter how the bad elements around him will spread the false news about Buhari having an Igbo cook, Igbo pilot, Igbo in law, Igbo personal friend, hee they are all full of rotten potatoes.

"You can't hide what you have inside"
No matter how General Buhari pretend this hatred in him spring itself out of him, he kept the old grudge against the Igbos from the civil war and never let go.
This bad attitude is tearing our country apart, it's dividing our people, it's pushing the Igbo youths to the extreme.
Nobody will talk to Buhari except Nigerians, nobody will show him how to love and forgive, nobody will tell him that the civil war in the 60s is over that the country has move above that already except you or me.
Many of our youths have no clue how the civil war was fought, what led to it or how its ended, so holding them against it is evil.

I know it's hard to change a 74 years old General, but for the sake of peace and stability in Nigeria Buhari has to forgive and forget. He has to accept the fact that using guns and canes against the Igbo youths will only deal with the surface and not the bottom nor inside.

By Alex Otti.
Saddam Hussein murdered many Christian minority groups during his era in Iraq - Maybe buhari is following his footsteps
Alex otti.let him know,that a leader must not have an enemy,coz that will make the followers divided,
But I know that his sins will find him out.
This man is not in touch with reality.
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