[Announcement] GoBiafra Posting Contest Information!

After a series serious consideration of some of the suggestions by the esteemed members of this great community we are glad to announce to you that we have decided to start posting contests.
Please read the details slowly, carefully and clearly.
Rules and Guidelines
1. Judges decision is the final.

2. The date and time of the contest will be announced. When it will start and when it will end will be clearly announced and the time observed. The announcements should be in each of the contest threads.

3. Contest Thread: There will be an official thread for each contest.

4. Disqualifications: There will be disqualification in this contest. Disqualified members will not be eligible to receive any of the prices involved.
A. The disqualification will be enforced by the Admin Only. The disqualified members will be mentioned in the official contest thread.
B. Things that will likely get you disqualified: Short posts that is aimed at fraudulently increasing post numbers. Eg. Lol, haha, thank you, and other few character posts.
C. Breaking the overall forum rules will get you disqualified.

4. Eligibility : All the respected members of this forum are eligible for the contest; minded that you have the posting permission. Banned members cannot participate because they don't have posting permission.

5. Contest Winners Announcements and the gifts will be explicitly explained in each of the contest threads.

Questions and suggestions are welcome.
Please what's this contest about?
Chai ! Those people that create threads by 2am. So @Ojukwu and @PeaceAmbassador won't sleep again.
(20-09-2017, 08:29 PM)Charytea Wrote: Please what's this contest about?
Weekly and monthly top posters.
They are free to create and post at 2 Am but any attempt on "cheating" will lead to disqualifications.
We here waiting let it announced
Really nice to start d contest.
(20-09-2017, 10:22 PM)Ojukwu Wrote: Weekly and monthly top posters.
They are free to create and post even at 2 Am but any attempt on "cheating" will lead to disqualifications.

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