That We Want To Separate From Nigeria Doesn't Mean We Hate Other Nigerians.

When we talk about going our separate ways, it doesn't mean we hate Nigeria or doesn't want to cohabit with other Nigerians. It is because the union is not working and can never work. We have tried this over a hundred years and it's not working, we believe it's time to try another formulation. It is very wrong to continue doing same thing and expect a different result.

We believe going our separate ways will help us rediscover ourselves more and work towards that which will encourage development. This by-force unity will never work, the unity that was forced on us by foreign invaders is rejected on arrival. The whitemen put us together for their business interest, not for the interest of the black man and this should not be accepted nor tolerated. The feeling of unity should be mutual, not by force. You cannot bring two people together and force them to get married and expect peace and progress, it is impossible. Marriage should be an agreement between the parties involved to make the best out of it, anything short is an invitation to serious crisis. As you can see, Nigeria has been in crisis since inception just because our union is a forced one, and it will continue to be in crisis until we recreate the very foundation of our existence as a nation.

Every government I have witnessed have fought and shouted corruption but ended being more corrupt than its predecessor, yet we have not bothered to ask ourselves why it is so. The reason for our government failure to fight corruption is because our foundation is faulty. Our number one problem is not corruption, rather a faulty foundation, nothing sits well on faulty foundation. We will continue to shout corruption and will never defeat it until we revisit the faulty foundation of our existence and recreate it.
Please, when say we want to exit Nigeria, it does not mean we hate other Nigerians and don't want to live with them.
It means we are tired of a system that is not working, only shows signs of getting worse.
It means we are tired of retrogressive system.
It means we are tired of a system that kills dreams.
It means we are tired of a system that has refused to grow.
It means we are tired of a system that limits the aspiration of our people.
It means we are tired of a system that celebrates darkness.
It means we are tired of a system that has relegated exellence and elevated mediocrity.
Please note that we the Igbos who want to leave Nigeria, do not hate Nigerians but the system.

By Fred Ude.
Nigeria has done great damage to her citizens such that people no longer think and act proper. I could not understand how same people who said Igbos are the problems of Nigeria would not let the same Igbos that are their problem go their way. I could not come to terms how the same people who say that majority of Igbos wish to remain as one Nigerians would refuse to grant a referendum to prove them right.
I equally could not figure out how come when the Igbos called for a referendum, the same people who said that Igbos are their problems, majority of the Igbos wish to remain as one Nigerians, Igbos are ingrates and such blablabla would coin asking for a referendum into asking for war. This is unbelievable. Even animals would not reason after this manner. Very disheartening! We are really tired of the rotten system that has infested people with untamed animal characters and mental reasoning. We urgently need to get and try another system.
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