Nnamdi KANU calls Nigeria police criminal

- IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, has warned group members to desist from paying bail fees to the Nigeria police

- Kanu accused the Nigeria Police Force of being a criminal organisation

- He threatens to disown any member of IPOB caught giving money to the police

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has warned members of the group to desist from giving out money to the Nigeria Police Force.

It is gathered that Kanu threatens to expelled any member of the group who fails to heed his warning.

According to a report by Sahara Reporters, the IPOB leader accused the Nigeria Police Force of being a criminal organisation, out to extort members of his group.

He said: “Anybody in IPOB that gives money to the zoo police for their bail will be expelled from IPOB. The zoo police are using IPOB to make money because some people are not mentally tough enough to resist them until our dedicated legal team arrives to secure their release.

“The more we give these Hausa-Fulani illiterate, primitive parasites wearing zoo police uniform money, the more they keep raiding our homes to abduct us because they know some of us will pay.

“It is not the duty of IPOB family members to sustain illiterate, hungry and poorly paid zoo policemen. We are agitating for our freedom so there is no way we can be handing out our hard earned money to these Northern parasites and criminals in police uniforms like we committed any crime.

“The Nigeria Police Force is a criminal organization, run by criminals for the benefit of Northern Arewa criminals. All members and supporters should remain fearless before her enemy, Nigeria, even with guns pointed at them."
Obedience is better than sacrifice!!!!! If all biafrans keep to these advice--our journey to Freedom is at hand(now)! Personally-i will keep to this advise fm my Leader Nnamdi Kanu!!!! God bless Biafran!!!
The reason they shine with the innocent civilians is because our people are so naive when dealing with the police, impatience to sort out themselves, lack of basic knowledge of law and the understanding of their rights.
This above order/instruction is great! Time to let those hungry police understand their extortions on the IPOB members and our people as a whole can no longer be tolerated.
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