The Vision of Biafra by Victor W.

Biafra shall be a great democracy that upgrades the status of man to the glory of God.

In Biafra there shall be no tribalism and racism. All the truly oppressed peoples of the world of every persuasion but of fair spirit and conduct are Biafrans.

If you are seeking for a Biafra that is like Nigeria, you won't get that.

In Biafra there would be no Quota System or Federal Character. There would be no nepotism or cronyism.

In Biafra positions shall be only by MERIT. If you want MEDIOCRITY please remain in Nigeria.

In Biafra, excellence shall be the rule. If you are competitive, you shall be King.

In Biafra, tribe shall be irrelevant. What Biafra wants is what you can bring to the table for the benefit of all and generations unborn. If you are not ready to contribute but want handouts, this is the time to pull out.

In Biafra, there shall be 100% RESOURCE CONTROL. The people are the government. The people own their land and resources directly. Whatever is in the land is owned by the owners of the land, be it individual, family or community. The owner is free to go into partnership with the most beneficial partner under the able guidance of government appointed Advisors.

In Biafra, the Federal Government depends on States and not the other way round. There shall be no Federal Allocations to units rather it is the other way round. States donate, a percentage of their revenue to the center.

In Biafra, every ethnic group or state can develop at its own pace using its God given human and natural resources.

Contributions to the center in Biafra shall only be for commonalities like Defense, Foreign Relations, Internal Security and Federal Projects.

In Biafra, the will of WE THE PEOPLE is law.

In Biafra, education shall be free and compulsory to all levels naturally possible for an individual. Education shall be prioritized and Human resources shall be considered as the Chief Resource of the Biafra state.

Biafra constituents have free entry and free exit into and from the union - Association is not by force. . Each state, party, section of Biafra can activate its REFERENDUM status at any time to determine its future and fate.

May God aid the building of this Democratic Nation in Africa in order to light the way for the rest of Africa.

Some of us may eventually admire it from a short distance but it shall be to the eternal glory of mankind.

By Victor Wilberforce
If at all it come to pass, Biafra will be sweet for only a short period of time and after then; hell!
(04-09-2017, 07:07 AM)Johnny Johnson Wrote: If at all it come to pass, Biafra will be sweet for only a short period of time and after then; hell!
All I see here is a complete envy, rancour and jealousy.
God bless Biafra!
I'm not jealous sir!
(04-09-2017, 07:33 AM)Johnny Johnson Wrote: I'm not jealous sir!
But you sounds exactly that, sir.
Unless you are totally different from your words.
Can't rule it out among Nigerians though.
(04-09-2017, 07:07 AM)Johnny Johnson Wrote: If at all it come to pass, Biafra will be sweet for only a short period of time and after then; hell!
There is no country in the world that is devoid of problems so there is no perfect situation but the stage Nigeria is currently is irredeemable - imagine in the midst of these agitations the buhari govt still went ahead to appointment directors into NNPC from all geopolitical zones except Southeast - or does he not know two/three states in southeast are oil producing jettisoning the so-called federal character. Any nation without Justice Fairness is already failed - Biafra won't make that mistake : Every state will go and develop their resources at their own pace in a healthy competition - Nobody should come to the centre and collect anything monthly; The States pay a little percentage of their resources to the centre just like in confederations
Thanks for this your great reply @Chinwike
(04-09-2017, 12:53 PM)Ojukwu Wrote: Thanks for this your great reply @Chinwike
No problem. It's just that the one-Nigeria protagonists just too myopic to see Nigeria's chronic failures - I saw a Facebook post by my neighbour who decamped from PDP to APC in 2015 - complaining that APC is failing just like PDP - No political party or politican has idealogy of development; These are institutions that are supposed to lead the development but Nigeria is unstructured. With these Vultures Nigeria will struggle with basic amenities in another 10years - epileptic electricity; poorly funded education & healthcare ASUU-Doctors strike/ portable water while their wards get this amenities on public funds abroad - The rest of world have now moved on to Space Missions ; Robotics artificial intelligence; self driving cars & breakthroughs in medicalcare and Nigeria is still struggling for the basics of living like water
Nigerian politicians, political parties are all fighting for one thing - their pockets. They don't give a damn about the country, poor masses, infrastructural development, security of lives and properties.
The law is not applicable to them, they can do as they wish and none dare question their actions and motives.

Nigeria as a country has not progressed an inch for the past 50 years and yet our gullible youths keep shooting "One Nigeria", one Nigeria for whose pocket? Greedy politicians!
Biafra is an ideaolgy and philosophy while nigeria
remains a British contraction and farce
Gbam!..In summary Nigeria is a lawless/jungle Nation.
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