Read before they delete it

I think the doggedness of the Igbos, to sell just anything to anyone, that trading acumen is the real source of the jealousy against them.

Igbos in the North own more landmass at the North, than the ancestral home according to recent findings. So, the indigenes of those States feel threatened.

Now that Igbos have built those villages and cities, the original inhabitants feel that the 'abandoned property' episode of 1960s can happen in 21st century where social media sends events to Foreign Press at the speed of thoughts. Igbos can not run away from their properties. They will stay and fight where ever they are.

Having said, it is not that other tribes do not make money at other regions of the country that they travel to, the question is, do they make enough to 'develop' their villages and still develop their location they do business? What can they do, when Igbos have taken over commerce ? Igbos are determined people, their customer service approach and hurstling spirit at the very basic level is their selling point? They can not do anything and trade is the key.

Whether you are a politician oh, or an Oil company worker oh, or even a white collar slave, criminal, your money ends up in the hand of Igbo people cos they are the default traders and importers and you just have no choice. We all know this truth, so the Northerners and even some misguided Westerners feel that the Igbos have overtaken their landed assets and overtaken national trade from all locations. It is not their fault to think outside of oil, these are marginalized people who the Northerners try to stop, even with Trade embargoes and banning of their core import items, yet they excel. This is something we all have to learn from them.

Did we not all agree to ONE NIGERIA ? The Igbos were deprived of all their assets after the war in the name of 'abandoned property', that is the same thing Hitler and his people did to the Jews during and after the holocaust, but the Jews bounced back and today, people like George Soros control the world alongside the Rochefellas etc. Igbos share common trait with these jews when it comes to enterprise acumen and their DNA relationship is gaining traction.

By the way, if the Federal Government could con the entire country, by allowing for confiscation of Igbos-owned assets after the war. They went ahead to freeze their bank accounts and took all their monies away from them, and gave them 20 pounds no matter how many millions you had in the account. What wickedness is that ? That level of wickedness is ungodly.

You think it was only an insult alone ? No, it was planned so that Igbos can not afford to buy ANY NATIONAL ASSETS which they sold randomly after the war.

No one has deemed fit to apologize to the Igbos after the war, and after confiscating their assets, after stealing all their cash and giving them 20 pounds, after starving them to death, which is not a good war tactic.

The Igbos had no choice but to moved enmasse from their war-torned villages where IEDs still explode till this day to safer grounds. And started all over again FROM SCRATCH. The 3Rs that formed the framework of the surrender was implemented in Lagos and the rest of the places but Igbo-land and their entire Biafraland has seen no Federal Development up till this very day and my own parents who were not Igbos were allowed to suffer. My Dad lost everything to that war, yet I am not Igbo, but I am human, and our language is a circumstance that happens due to where you land from the WOMB.

Now my friends and enemies. If you want to know the root of the Agitations, You needed to know this history.

Igbos started the strategy of bringing their relatives and village people to work as boy boy for them at small shops, from there onwards entire Igbo people are everywhere in this Country and started a great Revolution and Renaissance of their total dominance of commerce and they have brought development to every part of this country, let us say the facts.

Now the so called 'sons of the soils' are scared that Igbos have bought over all their back yards, their fore-fathers graves and every available space and even then, these same people have found their way into Government and NEVER GAVE AN IGBO MAN or Biafran related person any good appointment in the government until the Goodlucky guy tried to, and these same people booted him out and 'installed' in OUR MESSIAH, GENERAL BUHARI, who is a staunch and sworn enemy of the Igbos. I love Buhari, at least, he showed his hatred publicly when he said very little of what is in his mind. Remember the famous 97% plus 5% that didnt add up to 100% ?

Guys lets say the truth and be human. Igbos are not the problem of Nigeria, they have no oil wealth except Uba that shares license with OBJ's surrogates, he is just a conduit for the Otta God. When Nnamdi Kanu says he wants Biafra restored, he did not say let us go to war. He keeps talking about referendum. Yet Northern Elites see it as a declaration of war. Why ? Because, they are about to loose their Oil Wealth which they think is their rights and they have recruited hungry and illiterate amajiris to front their displeasure. Asking to be allowed to Secede is not synonymous to war. It is just that Northerners are not educated enough to know that Referendum does not mean war. They shouldnt blame the rest of us for their backwardness. The Northerners that stay and live in the South are better, they have learnt life via the prism of an average Southerner. Dangote, Sanusi, and the rest of those northerners that mix with others are tamed and better humans.

I want Nigeria Restructured, so that the 6 Geopolitical Zones can become Governing Hubs, Economic hubs. Let us compete economically and ecumenically instead of coming here to fight about who pushed drugs, who is Yahoo Yahoo and who is a Kidnapper or Armed Robber. Do you guys know that no one believed and sincerely aspired to become a Criminal ?

Your ENEMIES are your POLITICIANS. Thankfully, Niger Delta where I come from, even though we are not very good in trading and we have no access to our very own Oil wells, we suffer a lot over the Oil curses, YET our politicians have received so much allocations that ANY SANE and SINCERE HUMAN BEING can utilize to turn our regions, our entire 6 regions to Dubais of this world. Yet the few elites, the Babangidas, the Abubakars, the Oji Uzo Kalus, the Tinubus, the Fasholas, the Theordore Orjis, The Sarakis and the Danjumas, the Alakijas, the Abachas, and the rest of them which you know have taken turns to share the allocations.

The Hausa/Fulani man is the MOST SINCERE NIGERIAN, Yes, we know this truth but their elites are our enemy.

LET US HOLD OUR POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE PHYSICALLY, not just online. Buhari is not the real enemy, he is just an man who didnt go to school, so he took things personal by thinking that Biafrans are actually against his government.

Buhari is just UNLUCKY.

He is unlucky because he was the last hope we had as a country to get rid of the cabal, but trust me, when I say the Elite and corrupt politicians have gotten rid of him already, yes because even if he comes back alive, what can a sick man do ? I love the man, but I never supported him because I know there is no Tunde Idiagbon to support is war against corruption.

If we can all stand up and know that our Buhari has been really pretty much bleeped up and we love this country, we have to STOP fighting each other. We must make sure that ABUJA listens to us. They serve us. They are our servants. We elected them, I do not care if they bribed the voters it is our money that they stole that they use to bribe voters. Take their money and vote your heart.

The only thing we all have agreed is REGIONALISM. My Yoruba friends support this. Igbos will support it if WE APOLOGIZE to them. The few Northern Elites that control much of our Oil Wealth feel threatened. But we do not care about that. The military and the Police do not know who they are working for. There is no Federal Government any where. It is just friends who bring our looted funds to sponsor politicians in exchange of Oil Wealth as returns on their investment. These are the people that they police and soldiers work for indirectly. Only if they know that there is no country here called Nigeria then it will be easy. I can proof that there is no country here. There is no central database listing my name and your names as Citizens. There is no Education Loans, No Mortgage Programme, no social welfare schemes, not even a national food. We are just gathered together and controlled by police and soldiers and corrupt judiciary. Just make some money and the police will scamper to work for you and follow you where ever. They can even kill for you, and yes I mean this.

My People, I had expected Osinbanjo be human, but now he has declared war on Nairaland and other sites, so that we can not say anything against what is going on. I really support it if they sign a pact with bloggers and online media to ban inciting statements. But bad news like killings, deaths, robbery, kidnapping MUST be allowed, because it shows their FAILURE as a government.

Let all masses unite, and make sure no politician is voted into any office until we receive a sworn affidavit that REGIONALISM is the ONLY LAW that must be worked on. With Regional Police, people like Evans wouldnt have evaded arrest for over 7 years yet shameful policemen snap pictures and share online as if they caught him 24hrs after his first kidnap. Crazy police.

So like I said: War has been declared on social media and soldiers will be everywhere online with new usernames but the trick is. Watch our for new usernames. I pray for the Mods today, because they will be asked for Identities behind the usernames, something they cant do easily.

Like I said, we will all travel to Abuja, and meet our representative ONE BY ONE and Go to our State Capitals and meet or Governors and Commissioners one by one. You do not expect a Politician to thoroughly investigate and jail his fellow Politician because they are ALL CORRUPT and they cant help it because there is no structure, cos there is no country here.

We will hold them to PHYSICAL accountability, cos we will move in and live with them in their Mansions. Those mansions belong to us. It is our stolen wealth. When I am ready, we will take it from them. The Policemen are poor, so are the soldiers. They do not even know that they work for us, that what we fight for, is also for the good of their spouses, children and grand children.

I am a Biafran-Nigerian from Niger Delta. Does it even make sense ?

I expect to hear about NIGER DELTA PROVINCE, BIAFRA PROVINCE, ODUDUWA PROVINE, etc etc. With NIGER DELTA POLICE DEPARTMENT protecting my asss and close to the grassroot.

We do not need to fight ourselves. Our enemies are the politicians and we will fight them online and move over to offline. They are the ones that turn people to Yahoo Yahoo, kidnappers, Ritualists, Tribalists, Drug Dealers and I can not even count how many Nigerians are living abroad today because of these Corrupt Elite politicians.

I love my country and I want Biafra. It is a good tool towards Regionalism for me, cos I care about the future of folks who suffer stigmatization, racism and even prison sentences and Death Penalties because of our Polticians that forced them to travel riskly.

I am done with this and I am very done. If these threats continue, then I advise the Igbos up North to gather together and defend themselves. No one should be denied the RIGHT to Defence of his Life and Property. The Road to success is paved with Sweat, Tears and Blood. Our Sweat, Our Tears and Our Blood. While the Politicians enjoy and ask the masses to pursue the Igbos so they can declare another 'abandoned properties. It wont work. This is digital age with Social Media shaping our lives. The world wont watch before participating. Everyone can fire an AK47, the North should know that.

By the way my Acting President, you need to find a way use social media to unite us, you can not stop the social media. We have a way around it.
Igbo group to gather and defend themselves against rampaging and notorious murderers?
Define suicide for me again?

Anyway, I don't know what you mean by "read before they delete it". Why would I delete this lines of thought from someone's opinion?
how do u expect me to read this long thing Sad
someone should summarize it for me
Just a random non consequential posts that contains some random lies, like that Igbos have more lands in the north than their home.

That Igbos should not leave north but will defend any attack on them by the northerners.
Just not that thoughtful or inspiring.
They never delete am
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